Hand Crafted

Smoking Hot  GuitarsAll of the Smoking Hot  Guitars are individually handcrafted. "How can that be" ? you ask. Well to ensure the quality of every product sometime drastic measures have to be adhered to. At this point I have not been able to figure out a way to "mass produce" this product. That is not the goal . I just want to produce the  best "smoking hot wooden guitar pipe for an affordable price . That is the reason I've implemented the serial# concept to the product.

serial 078By personally inspecting each pipe, I can assure the quality and prove it's origin. This will help make sure that the "cheap" copies will not be floating around. Iv'e been perfecting the procedures of building these guitar pipes for nearly 20 yrs. and have finally able to  supply some happy folks with this treasured gem. With the amount of detail that goes into each procedure of making these guitar pipes it is very labor intensive. It is a labor of love though and that's what shows the most when you have one in your hand.  All of the parts, assembly and shipping are done right herein America. 

 I thank my wife for the wonderful vision for the idea of this guitar pipe.  In the past I have only produced a handful of them through the holiday season. It has always

max guy2been a joy to see the look that people make the first time they see them.

I just would like to share a honest craft with  the many people who may enjoy this special guitar pipe. Every musician wants to own one and most everyone else born before 1940. 

 "Looking Towards the Future"

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