Building Guitar Pipes


Smoking Hot Guitars, Guitar PipesAfter spending a month (all day, everyday) behind a bandsaw, a sander and leaning over a vise trying to shape the little guitar necks and pressing in the frets into the fingerboards and profiling the little bridges on the spindle sander I'm finally starting to ask myself  "What have I got myself into now"?


 I 've been spending every waking moment trying to come up with new and more efficient ways of producing these beautiful pipes. Most of the time the first thing that happens is that I try to remove a procedure  to speed up the process, but I find that often times seems to  "cheapen' up the product. I can't let myself do that. These Smoking Hot Guitar Pipes that I make and the effort that I put into them means far too much to me. I have too much pride in my craftsmanship (my curse or my blessing , you decide ) to do any less than the best that I can do. So I guess I will just struggle along and eventually someone will come into my shop and see how I'm making these pipes and they will say "How come you don't do it like this"?



Right then and there a lighning bolt will come out of the sky and I will have a brand new way of doing it. Twice as fast and twice as Good! I just hope that day comes soon. 



Keep Smiling!

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