Champs Show in Denver

I' ve been burning the midnight oil trying to get ready for the big Champs show in Denver Colorado, Nov3-5.getting ready for shipping

For those of you who have not heard of the "Champs Show", it is the largest counter culture trade shows held in the U.S, they are held 4 times a year, one in Nov in Colorado, one in Feb in Vegas and another in july in vegas and one in Atlantic city in May. It is where all of the latest glass blowing techniques are shown off for exotic pipes and all of the latest "vape" technologies are introduced. Distributors from all over the world will be ther to show off their wares.

 I started making these very cool wooden pipes almost 20 yrs ago and never thought that it would turn out to be the venture that it has become. I have spent countless hours on improving every detail about the Smoking Hot Guitar pipe. They are each individually handcrafted by me with every attention to detail without actually putting strings on them to play. I have recently added a "burned in" logo that will undoubtably set them apart from any possible "fake" replicas of this handmade heirloom. 

shg logo 1



second mountain of pipes



I have learned many new techniques of production from all of this and I have increased the production almost 3 times of what I started out doing. I never realized how much work that it would take. I have to admit that it has been very rewarding to me in the fact of how much that I have learned and have been able to put into practical use for my woodworking abilities. I have never run a "production  shop" , but I have found that there is so many skills that need to be addressed so that everything runs like clockwork . Making sure that you never run out of stock of a product that you use for production. I'm constantly taking inventory on material that I need. When I first started, I was working with 10 to 25 units, now I'm working in the hundreds. The material gets used up pretty fast when you go like that.

both amps I have added a new line of "stash amps to go along with the guitars and will be soon unveiling some new electric models too. So check back often because it's gonna be a crazy ride!





Keep Smiling!

Smoking Hot Guitars

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