Denver Champ Show

Denver Champs Show21015Just got back from the big trade show out in Denver Colorado. The show was great! I met so many great people and new contactcs for my business. 

The Convention Center was huge and there was over 400 vendors there and some awsesome displays of the coolest things that are being offered in the headshop industry.  My hat's off to the people who run the Champs' Trade show. There tireless effort does not go unnoticed . They have a great team of people. Without there help I would have been very lost. Again, Thanks! to everyone involved .(too many names to mention)

 Even though the glass industry is alive and well out in Colorado I thought it was my duty as a woodworker to remind everyone where we all started from. Before glass there was the traditional wood pipes. The wood pipe industry has had to take a back seat to the glass. I can't say that glass is not good it just doesn't hold up very well when dropped on the floor. For some of those beautiful art pieces that are being produced these days that simple slip can be very costly.

 Since it is art that seems to get the people interested, I decided to bring a new design to the wood pipe industry. Being a luthier by trade and a musician for fun it was easy for me to gravitate to musical instruments for my inspiration.

WAH LA! the Guitar Pipe is born! 

dreadnaught cutaway

At the show I was told by countless patrons and even the many exibitors that my pipes were the coolest new  design  that any one has seen in the way of new pipes in quite some time. Many people had a hard time beliexmas ornamentsving that they where a pipe. Until I showed them how the headstock removes and exposes the hole at the end of the neck, they couldn't figure it out. Everyone was pleasantly surprized. At first everyone thought that I was just selling Christmas ornaments. 

 I was lucky to meet a good friend that makes awesome display units 

He lent me a unit that was a big hit at the show Everyone commented on how good it looked and how the steam that was being produced gave the illusion of smoke penetrating from the rocks

shg display


Before I forget, I have to give my good friend Johno Yowell a great big THANK YOU VERY MUCH! for all his hard work and picking me up at the airport and showing me so much of the beauty that Denver has to offer. Johno and his girlfiend Lisa were the greatest hosts and made me feel like I was home the whole time I was there.  Big dose of Love! Thank You


There's more pics and more stuff I want to share but it will have to be in the next blog . Thanks for reading and take care till next time


Keep Smiling 

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