Guitar Pipe Winners.


Adrienne winning pipe at Champs show 11 2015 Copy




  I was so glad to have met so many great people at the Champs Show and this lovely gal was one of the lucky winners of a raffle that was held everyday of the show 


She shared a wonderful story with my friend Jon-o Yowell and I about how she had awoken in the morning in a very foul mood, But when she got the cheerful email of her being the winner of the raffle her day instantly changed.

 We will call her Adrienne ( cause that's her name) when on to tell us how after the good news she couldn't stop smiling all day!. I loved hearing that. She also told me how proud she was to own such a fine work of art. How sweet is she? 

    All of the patrons of the show, Exhibitors and Buyers alike were all in a very up beat mood and very nice and informative to talk to. I was Lucky to have met a couple of good guys that were also exhibiting their wares. 



We had a few good dinners , laughs and beers  together and they both made me feel like I was at home with old friends. It's amazing how you can connect with people from all walks of life anywhere in the world. 


Of course there were other winners at the show to and I can't leave out Natalie who came running up to me on the second day after receiving the news of winning the guitar pipe. Again Everone was very excited about the pipes. I was told over and over again how nice it was to see something "new" in the way of wooden pipes and something a bit different than the usual stuff that has been coming to the shows in the past.       

winner2atchamps2015 2


Of course I can't leave out one of the highlights of the trip was after the show ended on Thur my friend Jon-o took me to my first Hockey game where I got to play "cowbell" in the Pep band for the game . I got a  a pic with "Boone" the mascot , How cool is that?  



I haven't had this much fun in a loooong time!!!

 By the way Denver won 5-3 !    






Keep Smiling !


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